Gulf Shore Construction Services, Inc.

Geotechnical Services

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Drilling Services

Exploration and Instrumentation Services Gulf Shore has a staff of project managers and field professionals that specialize in providing environmental and geotechnical drilling services. The services include: monitoring well installation, injection well installation, soil sampling, aquifer testing, soils vapor gas well installation, pump installation, operation, and maintenance…Read More »

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Laboratory Testing

Soils and Materials Laboratory Testing Services
Gulf Shore's approach to laboratory testing is unique in today's consulting environment
All testing is performed on equipment calibrated and standardized at regularly scheduled intervals. The presentation of test data is computer generated utilizing such industry leading software as gINT and GeoSystems ensuring both clarity and quality…Read More »

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Field Services

Gulf Shore Construction Services, Inc. is able to provide trained, experienced and certified Field Materials Testing Engineers to service a client's on-site testing needs. Thorough daily reports are submitted for maintaining project standards, compliance, billing and recordkeeping…Read More »

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Professional Services

Contractor Quality Control / Quality Assurance Service
Gulf Shore personnel have worked extensively on private, municipal and federal construction projects, providing field services in the areas of soils, concrete and metals inspection. Our highly trained professional staff is certified by the following agencies…Read More »